About Jordan

Hey there! My name is Jordan and if you’re here, you’re looking to get to know me a bit more! I am one of the cofounders of this podcast and blog and I’m so happy you’re here! 

I am a 23-year old creative, originally from San Diego, but raised in Atlanta. I have worked as a creative for many years now, from working as a freelance photographer to creating a blog that allowed me to travel the world. Every experience in my life has focused around becoming the best version of myself, but also taking in all of the knowledge I can and sharing it with as many people as possible. 

My Story

How I Got Started

My story is one of trying a million new things and hoping to find one that stuck. In my case, there were two. I fell in love with the arts at an early age, taking photos at my brother’s soccer games. This passion sparked an interest in the arts that took me around the world and led to the creation of my own photography and media company. Additionally, I found a love in politics and activism, using my platform to help others. I studied International Relations at Emory University and dove in, quickly rising from an intern to a staffer. I’ve worked for Stacey Abrams, Carolyn Bourdeax, Jon Ossoff, and more, and look forward to continuing my work and passions moving forward. 

What I Do

What’s Next

I’ve always been a busy bee and I have no plans of letting up ANYTIME soon. I’m headed to London in a few months for grad school to help expand my knowledge and to see some new sights. I’m looking forward to sharing those moments with you soon and all of the other things I’m up to! If you’d like to find out more about me, check out any of the links on the right or feel free to get in touch with me at my email! Happy listening! 

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